Banque Du Québec


The Banque Du Québec is one of our most significant projects. We love working for socially significant enterprises. We are happy to help charitable organizations. But the Banque Du Québec is a truly historic project.

For this customer, not just branding, but a symbol of a new page in the history of Quebec. A lot of people expect to find the Banque Du Québec and style it for it – it was a very important and big challenge for us. The style was based on elements that have become absolutely recognizable – Fleur De Lis, and cornflower blue – the same ones that adorn the flag of Quebec.

However, when developing a style, it was necessary not so much to focus on the past. but to perceive the future. Combinina a recognizable svmbol with a performance, and rendering it in a 3D illustration, we’ve been dragging out a vibrant and recognizable style that works great in both digital and real-world environments. The exclusive use of the herd key illustration with the blue Lily, which has become the New Symbol of the Bank of Quebec.

One of the 8 best works (7th place) on branding of a financial organization or bank for 2023 according to designrush.com. The jury noted respect for the traditions and historical symbols of Quebec, work with color and technology.



The Brand logo is the main element of the corporate identity of the company. The logo must be present on all media of the company. The Primary Inscription is preferred, but an abbreviated inscription or symbol may be used if necessary.




The Brand symbol is the main element of the brand identity. This symbol represents all activities of the company and is used on all media. The symbol underlies the company logo. It can also be used as a standalone element. All symbol proportions are fixed and cannot be changed. The symbol must only be used from original materials.



The color palette of the Brand consists of several colors: “Quebec Cornflower”, white, gray, black and “River Sand”. This page shows the correct numerical values for corporate colors. All materials must be created using these color schemes only.

Display font


For important headings, decorative elements and individual inscriptions, an Magnies Regular font is used. It cannot be used in body text, in a small size, or otherwise than in a regular style.


Primary font


The main corporate font of the brand is Roboto. It is used throughout all advertising layouts to set headings, subheadings, and other messages. The font uses six styles: Tin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, and Black.