Everything is very simple


We, Pronin Studio, have discovered a completely new chapter: now we can call ourselves a full-cycle neuro-production. Why? Because we have created a neuro-video for Roman Kharlanov’s song “Everything is Too Easy”. Our goal was simple – to do everything with the help of prompts. Animation and visual concepts were created thanks to complex neural network codes.

Taking into account the multitude of limitations that arise when working with generative video, we needed to come up with a concept that would allow us to unleash the full visual potential of this new tool and maintain the dramatic element. We understood that the song tells a story of dying love, so it was logical to create two characters who would illustrate this story. However, maintaining a consistent face in neural video is a challenging task, so we created two characters – an astronaut with a closed face and an alien who constantly changes her appearance.

We also had to consider that neural networks cannot create complexly staged scenes with dynamic characters. Therefore, the scenes had to be simple and easily comprehensible. We used three main locations – the alien’s house, a space station, and a field of white flowers. In the color scheme, we used white with a “mysterious glow” as the main element.

still images

1:13 – Alien
3:00 – Astronauts go to the alien's house
2:22 – Neuroguitarists of Roman Kharlanov
2:39 – Arrival of reinforcements of astronauts on a spaceship to a flower field
1:06 – Observer
3:18 – The alien is going to attack the uninvited guests
2:28 – #Neurodegenerative #drummer

Our limitations included the inability to colorize the images in different colors. Therefore, we used monochromatic frames. Despite this, we made a slight color correction in the final editing.

Considering all these limitations, we had to create the drama and editing in such a way that the story would be understandable and captivating. We divided the action into three acts, where the astronauts attack the alien, then find common ground with her, but their idyll is shattered by a second attack, and finally, the alien is left alone in her house after the third unsuccessful attack by the astronauts.

I would like to thank Roman Kharlanov for his trust and complete freedom of action that he provided to our studio. Thanks to this, the project was successfully completed in just two weeks.