Dead Cat sonic bureau


Dead Cat is a sound design studio that develops the highest level sound solutions for advertising, exhibitions, and the gaming industry. The name came from the professional name of the microphone windshield “dead cat”.

Don't listen...


I designed a logo for the studio and the slogan “Don’t listen, feel”. In addition to the obvious illustration of the name – a dead cat, the logo has the meaning of abandoning the eyes, mouth and nose in favor of the ears – as the main tool for sensory perception.

No color, only sound

The corporate identity is in black and white. I deliberately moved away from color as a distracting, redundant visual attribute. In addition - black and white, like yin and yang, peak and abyss, like a wave - and sound, this is a wave.

In the style itself there is nothing but a logo – it is also a conscious rejection of unnecessary visual decor. One logo is enough to make brand accessories recognizable.