The Sagdullina brand is a private real estate broker. She specializes in premium properties. Among its services are split, brokerage, investment consulting. The main principle by which she is guided is the ease in working with complex tasks. The winged whale became a metaphor for this approach. The style is restrained and fashionable, typical of Sagdullina’s target audience.

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This is a concept that literally conveys the mood of Sagdullina - mysterious, feminine, playful and serious. He's just rkaisvyy, and that's enough.
But the target audience of the project is serious people driving expensive cars... maybe we need to do something more classical, more serious, more masculine?
On the other hand, you don't want something too pretentious. Maybe make it more democratic? More familiar? Following the precepts of Swedish aesthetics.
Or maybe we will try to show the nobility of the company through historicity? Shall we make the logo the way it was accepted many years ago?

After a discussion with the client, we come to the conclusion that we need the option that best suits Sagdullina herself, and after the focus group, we choose the first option.

After choosing the final option, it becomes obvious that a separate version is needed for a dark background, since the chiaroscuro on the whale does not allow it to be reversed.

The color of Sagdullina is a rich blue with the most delicate vanilla, almost white. This color scheme perfectly complements the interiors, which are usually solved in warm shades, and creates the necessary contrast: such a contrast allows you to present the interiors in the best light. In addition, this shade is perfect for the skin.

Color correction

In order to make brand photos and videos recognizable, a unique color loot was created based on the analysis of finished materials using Camera Row. This .xmp file allows you to quickly and effectively create Sagdullina’s unique style.

Display Noto Serif Display ExtraCondensed – inspired by medieval painting and calligraphy tradition, but at the same time has the bright features of a modern set. Lato, created by Polish designer Lukasz Dziedzic, perfectly complements and balances the imposing IGLETS and allows communication to be comfortable, aesthetic and stylish.

Business card in standard European size 90×50 mm. The minimum paper weight is 300 g. It is recommended to use 450-600 g paper with touch cover or similar. Application – CMYK, if possible, selective varnishing of symbols with glossy high varnish in combination with matte paper.


As forms, standard A4 sheets (210×297 mm) of coated matte white paper are used (slight toning in warm or “ivory” is acceptable). The minimum weight is 90 g. For certificates, it is desirable to use paper with a weight of at least 150 g.

Bags and packages

Bags and packages should be made of environmentally friendly materials, dense and pleasant to the touch.

Bags and packages

The Sagdullina branded shirt must be made of thick fabric with stitching on the collar and sleeves. Logos must be embroidered. Direct printing is acceptable. It is not allowed to use synthetic threads by more than 20%.


The flag should be made of lightweight fabric, with a fixing suspension. Vertical flags are prioritized, they can be placed at the objects that Sagdullina sells.